In the effort to excel in education and knowledge, Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association has taken a project of building a state of the art library in Wuqro Secondary school. So far, Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association has wired $40,000.00 or Birr 347,600.00. The fund has enabled the library project to start and has helped a 26% completion. According to recent information obtained from the High School, the percentage of completion is at 46.8%. However, we owe the constructor $28,000.00 or Birr 243,320.00.

As you all may know, the 3rd Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association has dedicated the School to be named after the late Kiros Alemayehu. When Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association decides to name the library as a memorial for Kiros, it is to recognize Kiros’s hard work, dedication, and love of Ethiopia in general and Tigrean people, culture and Music in particular. We believe Kiros has struggled through his music with many enemies of Tigray. He has transformed our culture and music to a higher level and earns recognition in the entire nation. He has expressed the feelings of Tigreans directly or indirectly through his mystical music. Therefore, we would like his name and noble work to stay alive by recognizing his work.

Dear all friends and fans of Kiros, this is your chance to contribute to the memorabilia of Kiros Alemayehu. There are many ways you can contribute to support the cause. You can write about Kiros so that we can document his work, you can donate money so that we can build a statute of Kiros and his work, complete the library with necessary materials such as chairs, tables, computers, printers and finish the library. Please visit our web site and contact us if you would like to support the project.

To all Kiros fans as well as artists in Tigray, we call up on you to have a fund raising event in recognition of Kiros’s artistic achievements and contribution to the Tigrean Music and culture. Erecting a library structure is not enough. The library can occupy 269 students at a time. It needs many things to go operational. It needs books, chairs, computers, audio room, and so on. Therefore, it takes the support of all Ethiopians to make it happen. Ethiopian Artists can play a great roll to achieve this goal. Among the things that Ethiopian Artists can do to support the project to mention a few is: have a fund raising event through entertainment and some other cultural shows in Addis as well as all regions of the Tigray Regional State. We strongly believe the Tigray Cultural Association can have a bigger impact on this. If we start recognizing the hard work of our Artists, our culture, music, and language will grow to a higher level. Thus, we are asking all Tigrean artists to form a committee to do a fund raising event to bring the project to its completion fully. Your support is very much needed. Please cooperate and support us. We have asked the high school and Awlaelo Development Association to contact you for this matter. You know if we all do a little we can achieve more.

Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association appreciates the support of all Ethiopians and friends for this project. Please contact us via our web site for any further information.

With our concerted effort, Tigray will Excel in education.

May god bless you all!
Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association

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