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Success of Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association Celebration (2004)

Success of Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association Celebration (2004)

The 1st anniversary of Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association was celebrated on August 14, 2004 in Boston, MA. Members from all over the country including Canada were participated. The day’s program was divided in to two parts.
One, members meeting and second, dinner & fund-raising party.

Members meeting took place starting around 2:00PM with a video message sent from Wukro. The video explained and demonstrated the current activities and developments in Wukro specially the improvement of Wukro High School. Then, Our chairman Abraha Weldegebriel briefed members the year’s activities including the financial status of Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association North America. He also stated our plan for the next year.

After the general assembly passed amendment to our bylaw, it elected one more board member in addition to the board members elected last year. As a result of this election, the number of Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association board members increased to 10 in stead of 9.

The meeting was concluded by deciding the 2nd anniversary of Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association to be celebrated in Washington, D.C. on the 3rd weekend of July 2005.

The second phase of the day began around 6:00PM. The party prepared by proud awlaelowyan of Boston and Maine residents was amazing. Enjera, Himbasha, Tihlo, Mieas was presented in the party. T-shirts and hats with Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association Logo were sold in the party. A Video of establishment of Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association meeting (last year’s Denver meeting) was also sold on our festival in Boston.

All guests and members enjoyed the party every minute of it. The dance floor was crowded with beautiful women and handsome men of awlaelona and Tigraina in general. Tadesse Gebru and his partner entertained us with their best Tigrnya and Amharic songs.

During the time of the fund-raising, all people who attended the party opened their wallets widely. Our members who did not get a chance to attend the festival also sent their contributions with their representatives. The sum of the contribution collected on the night was far more than what we expected. It was fun and it was very successful.

Finally, I would like to thank all our Bostonian and Mainean brothers and sisters of awlaelona for making this happen. This success was a result of their hard work.
I am looking forward to seeing this successful event repeated in Washington, D.C. next year.

Thank You,
Atsbha Gebru

As you all remember, we have been talking for months to hold general Awlaelo meeting. This historical and meaningful event had took place on July 5, 2003 in Denver, CO. The meeting was very successful and members from several states of the United States were attended. Members from California, Washington State, Oregon, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and off course Colorado were participated on the meeting.

The General Assembly had discussed and adopted the Bylaws of the association. After a long discussion of the importance of having appropriate name for our Association, the name of our association was decided by a majority vote of the participants to be known as AWLAELO SCHOOLS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION.

An election of a board members was also conducted. The general Assembly had elected NINE members to the board of Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association.

    These are:

  1. Abraha Weldegeriel Chairman
  2. Atsbha Gebru Secretary
  3. Gebregiorgis Teklu Treasurer
  4. Yemane Gebru Auditor
  5. Haileselassie Belay Public Relations
  6. Mulugeta Gebru Public Relations
  7. Kiros Hagos Public Relations
  8. Abdelrahim Negash Public Relations
  9. Nigsti m. Singleton Public Relations

The Bylaws of the Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association will be distributed to all members some time in the next few weeks. A video of the meeting, including the dinner party we had in Mosob Restaurant will be also distributed sometime soon. However, since we are in a mission of collecting funds to help the needy students of Kilte-Awlaelo, we have thought that putting a price tag on the Video might not be bad.After all, this Video is documentary and we can pass it from generation to generation with pride.
Therefore, please buy this Video when it arrives in your area and also please make every effort to sell to other people you know as well.

Besides the successful and delightful meeting, we, the members who participated on this blessed meeting, had enjoyed every minute of our stay in Denver. We had met our former friends, Classmates, people we know long time ago, and got to know new faces of our brothers and sisters of awlaelo’na. In addition, our loved and dedicated brothers and sisters of Awlaelo origin who live in Denver made this event fun filled, enjoyable, and memorable. Thanks to our brothers and sisters generosity, we had a dinner party in Mosob Restaurant in their expenses. Not only that but we were also very welcome in every members house in Denver and surrounding Cities.

I do not think I can be able to tell it all because it is too many to list but instead I would like to thank them all in general for their Hospitality even though, all Denver brothers and Sisters made us proud of them, some of our brothers and sisters went beyond our expectation. To mention few, the lunch we had in the home of our brother Abraha Weldegebriel was amazing.

Ranging from different kinds of drinks to many verity of delicious foods were fantastic. “Etu Metsian Ziakil Zilzil Tibsi Kisab Kezi Yireayeni Alo”.

I am sure others feel the same too. How about the “Suwa” brewed by our sister Alemat and the story behind of it? Are you guys washed your clothes yet? It was very funny when the Suwa from the big bottle exploded as a bomb and landed on every person who was in the house. It was really funny.

Thank you very much Denver brothers and sisters for making this event unforgettable.

Hawkum, Atsbha

Dear all,
I guess I am late, but I haven’t seen yet the event yet reported. Here is my brief report.
There has been an inaugural ceremony of the three blocks (12 classes) The previous weekend.the school prepared a wonderful ceremony with a very big das in the school compound. The town was decorated with Ethiopian flag and banners that mark the importance of education and the ceremony.

The committee slaughtered oxen, thus we had a delicious tibs and kurt sandwiches, T-shits, Kolo, and other items were also on sale. The Municipality offered a land for auction and it was auctioned in a very nice price. It was quite impressive to see the people participating in the development endovers. Lots of fun and laughter, and generosity.

The band invited entertained the people and they made the event quite live. Though i was late for the dance I have seen how people who danced were tired, barely left with the energy to go home.
In general the spirit of the people was so encouraging that it was to the committee’s satisfaction that the out come was beyond expectation. According to my informal info, more than 100,000 birr was collected, out of which 80% was in cash collected on the spot. I am confident you will have a formal report from the committee when they are done with the activities of the ceremony.
All I can say is the fire of development you ignited there has began to flame here. Many are very greatful for what you are doing there. So please go on with more zeal and acceleration. Success to the coming gathering you are gonna have!

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