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11th Reunion -Kilte Awlaelo Schools Development Association

11th Reunion -Kilte Awlaelo Schools Development Association (KASDA)

Seattle, Washington : July 19, 2014

KASDA’s 11threunion and fundraising event was held in Seattle Washington on July 19, 2014. Members from all over of the world converged to the beautiful city of Seattle to have fun on the yearly reunion and to take part on the fundraising event to help all schools of Kilte-Awlaelo for better education and create a comfortable learning environment to all students of Kilte-Awlaelo.

The fun started on Friday night, July 18 at the beautiful residence of Haftu Hishe’s family where members were invited for dinner. The host family offered the guests the very Tigrean traditional drinks of Siwa and Miyess along with delicious enjera and Tihlo. The house was full of laughter from every corner as guests enjoyed talking to each other and shared jokes of experiences of their younger years. They all departed with a happy mood and in mind that they had a long day by the morrow to attend the annual general assembly of KASDA.

The annually general meeting of KASDA was held on July 19, 2014 in Seattle. It was opened by KASDA chairman, Dr. Abebe Ataklti at 11:00am. The meeting discussed on several topics, as listed on the agenda, and passed the following decisions:

  1. The issue of undertaking a new project by KASDA for the year July 2014 – June 2015 was by far the highly debated item on the agenda. A decision was passed not to take any new project for the year stated, rather focus on the existing support items that KASDA already has to in supporting the Kilte Awlaelo schools.
  2. On the issue of continuing to give awards (cash Money) to students who excel academically, it was decided that the association continue to send money to reward the students who academically excel in their classes. On the other hand, it was noted that there are many needy students who are struggling to go to school due to financial problem. It was left for the association to study criteria as to how to choose those students for future assistance.
  3. On the issue of continuing to give awards (cash Money) to best teachers, it was decided that the association stop sending money to reward the teachers as the criteria the schools use to select such teachers is vague and controversial. On the other hand, it was noted that the association should study a way to reward the teachers as a whole such as to financially help the schools to have “teachers’appreciation day “ or send items that the teachers can commonly use.
  4. New board members were elected to replace four departing from the board. These are Haftom Tekel, Moges Ayalew, Gebre and Semre Hailu
  5. The meeting also approved a request from the Dallas branch public relation officer and association’s secretary, Eshetu Berhe that next year’s (2015) reunion to be in Dallas.
  6. Finally, the assembly discussed on investment opportunity in Ethiopia as presented by the committee which assumed responsibility in the last reunion to compile a preliminary study on investment by the members of KASDA. The meeting was closed at about 3:00pm

On Saturday night everyone had fun at the party. The food was delicious the entertainers were amazing. The fund-raising was successful. The Seattle KASDA members along with the Tigrean community have worked so hard to make this event successful. Amazingly, the host members never looked exhausted; they were smiling and full of energy. Even our brothers and sisters who were fasting for Ramadan had endured so much to enjoy the party with us. What a commitment!

On Sunday afternoon, there was a beautiful boat cruise for three hours to see the city of Seattle and its outskirts. The DJ was amazing so was the food. A closing party was held on Sunday night where everyone enjoyed the original music of the band again.

It was a successful, entraining and nostalgic event that we all enjoyed in Seattle. Those reunions are worth coming, as they are refreshing, entertaining and purposeful. Hopefully, you will make it to the Dallas reunion scheduled for the summer of 2015.

Last but not least I would like to notify everyone that, Seattle chapter has raised net income $13,030.00

Thank you! Seattle

Eshetu Berhe,
KASDA’s secretary

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