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Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association activities in 2008/2009

Awlaelo schools Alumni association activities in 2008/2009

April 8, 2009

  • Wired $28,500.00 to finish Kiros alemayehu Memorial Library construction
  • Wired $6,100.00 to support power installation in Negash High School
  • Wired $600.00 each for Negash, ATSBI, Agulae, Tsigereda, and Freweini high schools and $1000.00 for Wuqro High School for Outstanding Student and Teachers’ awards – this is a recurring activity.
  • Wired $10,000.00 for the purchase of books to Kiros Memorial Library.
  • Wired $1,100 for Atsbi high school for computer purchase.

Over all $49,700 or an equivalent birr of more than half a million was sent to the beneficiary schools listed above. We would like to thank you all supports and donors. We know we cannot do it without you.

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